Three New Fashion Cocoons Fitovers Released by Live Eyewear

Cocoons fitover sunglasses in the rain

The world’s leading brand of fitover sunglasses has announced the addition of a trio of fashion forward designs to the Cocoons collection of Professional Grade Fitovers.

Blue fitover sunglassesBeautiful fitover sunglasses

Aqua features a hand-painted, semi-translucent chassis complimented by a polarized gray lens system.The unique tone is a variant of ‘scuba blue’, a color that has been trending up throughout the fashion industry. Utilizing a distinctive back-spray painting process, the clear TR-90 material sparkles in the light, adding depth and character to the frame’s allure.


Amethyst fitovers with gray polarized lens systemCocoons Mini Slim Fitover Sunglasses - Amethyst

Amethyst has incredible depth and translucency to the finish, while completely isolating the eyes from unfiltered light.Matched with a polarized gray lens system, Amethyst adds a touch of elegant individualism to any ensemble.


Cocoons Fitovers in Chocolate - Mini SlimEuropean fitover styles

The new Chocolate frame finish delivers a sophisticated style and is tastefully paired with a gray lens system. The chocolate collection delivers a semi-translucent, warm tone.


Dave Dean, Vice President of Marketing says “These three new colors create the illusion that the Cocoons chassis is actually translucent. By painting only the interior of the frame, light can penetrate the clear surface of the Cocoons but is prevented from reaching the eyes. This process ensures that these high fashion options protect and perform as well as non-translucent models.” Cocoons are patented and are manufactured and distributed worldwide by Live Eyewear, San Luis Obispo, California.