Cocoons Professional Grade Flip-Ups

Cocoons Flip-Ups feature a broad spectrum of lens tints designed to deliver convenient and effective protection from damaging UV and glare. The professional grade, scratch resistant Polare polarised lens system instantly transforms standard prescription eyewear into glare-cutting sunwear. Flip-Ups easily attach to almost any prescription eyewear style and the spring loaded flip mechanism provides the ultimate in ease-of-use. All lens options provide optical grade clarity, filter 100% of damaging UVA/B rays, and are backed by a one year scratch-resistance warranty. The chassis and flip mechanism are backed by a manufacturers limited lifetime warranty.

**In addition to the selection of polarised lenses offered in Cocoons Flip-Ups, each size is also available with non-polarised Lemon UV filters for use in low light and indoor applications.

Flip-Ups are available in a range of sizes. Please use the Flip-Ups Sizing Guide to find the correct pair to fit your eyewear.

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