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Measure the full WIDTH of your glasses at the widest points, and the HEIGHT of your glasses from top to bottom.  If you need additional assistance, please visit our SIZE FINDER page for helpful tips on how to properly measure your glasses.

Please note that all size finder measurements must be entered in millimeters in order for the size finder to properly recommend the appropriate size.

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Vistana Polarised Fitover Sunglasses

The Vistana fitover collection fuses cutting edge optical technology and fashion-forward design with the convenient and effective sun protection afforded by fitover sunwear. The collection features a host of integrated proprietary features and patented engineering to deliver a level of luxury and performance unique to the Vistana brand. Vistana fitover sunglasses are available in five distinct sizes that have been thoughtfully crafted for a sleek, secure, and comfortable fit with most types of prescription eyewear.

Vistana fitovers feature the scratch-resistant Polaré polarised lens system with Dynamic Base Technology™, which creates a seamless wrap from the front to the sides, allowing for the elimination of the side-shields commonly associated with fitover sunglasses. The chassis is manufactured from lightweight, durable TR-90 and hand painted by skilled artisans. Combining these design features, the Vistana collection boasts an unimpeded range of vision with a definitive touch of elegance.

The collection is available in a full range of sizes.  Use our size finder to determine the perfect pair to fit comfortably over your eyewear.

Frame Technology Lens Specifications

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