Clip-Ons REC2-54 Gunmetal Polarised Yellow

Model: L488Y


With this featured clip, a neutral gunmetal chassis provides the canvas and contrast for our bright yellow polarised lens system. With a unique highlighting ability, our true yellow tint is perfect for use in low light conditions such as dawn and dusk. The low-key appearance of the gunmetal chassis is a proven favorite and the yellow tint transmits a maximum amount of light at 100% polarising efficiency.

“I have extra sensitive eyes and experience irritation even when it is not that bright out. This is my first time trying a polarised lens and it seems to really help with the glare. I enjoy that they are lightweight and don’t make my glasses feel heavy.” 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) Anita S., Kansas City, KS

Picture of Cocoons Clip-Ons in Rec2-54 size with gunmetal chassis and polarised yellow lenses
Clip-Ons REC2-54 Gunmetal Polarised Yellow