Cocoons Eyewear Towel

Model: CCC0500


Why such a large cleaning cloth?

Cocoons are built to thrive in even the most hostile environments. In extreme conditions, an angler, boater or driver may have to repeatedly clean their Cocoons and/or prescription eyewear lenses, wiping away mud, dirt and debris. Spanning 12″ by 12″ (30.5 cm x 30.5 cm), the XL Cocoons Eyewear Towel can be used all day without compromise.

All Cocoons include a complimentary Duracloth perfect for periodic polishing, but the Cocoons Eyewear Towel, crafted from dense-weave microfiber, is designed to be uncompromisingly durable but gentle on your Cocoons whenever you need it. For maintaining maximum clarity in any condition,  is the perfect addition to your maintenance repertoire.

Extra large lens cleaning cloth
Cocoons Eyewear Towel